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Notes and Documents

This page will feature as much information as we can get our hands on pertaining to the crime, investigation and trial of Russ Faria as well as those connected to the case. Be aware that due to copyright infringement we cannot feature the Dateline NBC episode or the Chris Hays Fox2now special reports, but those can be found with a little looking.


One of Russ' alibi witnesses makes a comment on an forum unrelated to the Faria trial and Pam Hupp swoops in to have her say.Screenshots of the entire conversation are linked below..

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Ever wonder why Ryan Ferguson's trial was so screwed up as well? Take a look at the highlighted portion in this document and you might start to understand at least one reason why. Another Lincoln County casualty...

Here's the Three Ring Circus: PA Leah Wommack Askey, Asst. to the PA Richard Hicks and Judge Chris Kunza Mennemeyer. With these three in control of the courts in Lincoln County, defendants (even innocent ones) don't stand a chance.

Take a look at the Lincoln County Journal article about the trial. Even the hometown paper knows something fishy went on.

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Defendant's Motion for Judgement of Acquittal Notwithstanding the Verdict, or, in the Alternative, Motion for a New Trial. This document was filed just after the verdict.

Here are the actual Appeals documents submitted by the Defense. This is split into 2 separate files.

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After Datline NBC aired Russ' story, their Facebook page blew up with comments. Not liking what he was reading, Asst. to the PA Richard Hicks decided to disparage the commenters and then to attack alibi witness Michael Corbin in that same forum.

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